• Define your professional vision and value

  • Identify critical action steps to create positive perceptions of you at work among your colleagues and supervisors

  • Utilize strategies and resources to support you in producing more value at work

  • Share your value confidently for promotions, new desired roles, and better reviews

  • Motivate your fellow team members to reduce stress and conflicts on team projects

  • Protect your rights and your peace

  • Format: 3, 6, and 9-month packages with bi-weekly coaching sessions.

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  • Interview Coaching

  • Promotion Strategy Coaching 

  • Resume Feedback Sessions

  • Format: 3, 6, and 9-month packages with bi-weekly coaching sessions.

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Juanita is a dynamic speaker.  She brings passion, confidence, and knowledge in a down to earth manner.  As a result of taking her training, I realized that I could lead more confidently and even network better by stepping outside of the box, and sharing my superpower with others or leaving a lasting impression by following up with phone calls or even using email to stand out.  Prior to this, I was skeptical since I am a naturally an introvert, but Juanita makes you feel as though you can take on any environment if you use her pillars of leadership.  Now I recognize that as a leader I wasn’t meant to fit in, but meant to stand out.  I am well on my way to both leading and confidently.

Taria Pritchett