Leadership is about more than just being the boss.

It’s also about understanding how to lead yourself, your team and those you serve. The best leaders are always learning and growing. They know that leadership is not an end-state but rather a journey of continuous improvement.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been leading for years, you are not alone in this journey.

I am passionate about equipping leaders to lead themselves first. One of her favorite quotes is “You are the first person you lead.”f continuous improvement.


Coach Dr. Juanita’s prolific writings helps people to develop themselves on personal, professional and spiritual levels.



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"Juanita is a dynamic speaker.  She brings passion, confidence, and knowledge in a down to earth manner.  As a result of taking her training, I realized that I could lead more confidently and even network better by stepping outside of the box, and sharing my superpower with others or leaving a lasting impression by following up with phone calls or even using email to stand out.  Prior to this, I was skeptical since I am a naturally an introvert, but Juanita makes you feel as though you can take on any environment if you use her pillars of leadership.  Now I recognize that as a leader I wasn’t meant to fit in, but meant to stand out.  I am well on my way to both leading and confidently."

Taria Pritchett