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For more than 10 years, Dr. Juanita Foster has been a formal mentor or union leader within various industries including the government sector, healthcare, transportation, and banking. She has always had a firm belief in the power of supporting others in their professional growth and does this through speaking, training, and coaching. 


Her own story is one of having many successes based on her ability to advocate for herself, identify resources that she could utilize to get promotions in salary and in positions, and in her ability to understand how she could utilize policies and infrastructure already in place to advocate for herself and those around her. 


She has been able to courageously request sit-down conversations with managers to collaborate on how they could best approach her work roles; she has been able to confidently ask for promotions; she has been able to wisely implement strategies that allowed her team to operate on a more unified front in a way that exceeded company expectations, and she has been able to leave a legacy where she has worked through effectively proposing strategies and ideas that turned into workplace policy. 


But it hasn’t always been easy. 

Her professional career has been a journey of learning how to do those things over months and sometimes years, and for her coaching clients, Dr. Juanita hopes to cut that time in half for her clients. She wants her clients to experience purpose, passion, professional success, and financial freedom through utilizing what she teaches them to pursue career success in their current careers or as they pursue their next career. She is passionate about both helping clients succeed now in their current roles or supports clients with making the shift to their next dream role. 


Additionally, as a career changer herself, Dr. Juanita has identified critical action steps any career changer should take to transition successfully from one career to the next. 


She is more than motivational; she imparts skills, strategies, accountability, and action steps for immediate implementation, and she looks forward to helping you solidify and implement your career success strategy!

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